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MAGENTA - life begins somewhere between the fish and the stars
new from Sam North - the author of 'Another Place To Die' & more

A mysterious, tragic tale from the wilds of the Lincolnshire coast – a haunting story about a father and daughter - Read the background to the novel here

See Magenta flee the fire to sleep under the stars
Meet Anya, the girl who reads objects
Find Mika, the wild boy who feeds the fishes
Discover Leon, the dead man searching for a daughter

‘Long after my tears dried, my heart stayed with Magenta, Starfish Boy and the strange girl who read objects.’ CT 

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  The whole house was burning behind her, flames belching from every window.  Every few seconds something exploded or shattered and the roar of the flames was almost deafening.  Who knew a house could make so much noise when it died?
            She saw headlights coming towards her.  Perhaps it was the farmer from across the way?  She waved.  Too late she saw that it was the same Landrover that had been there before.
            A shot rang out.  Hit the barn wall behind her with a loud smack.  Shot gun.
            Magenta couldn’t believe she was being shot at.   She began to run in a zig-zag fashion.  Deacon running besides her, not understanding, his ears flat, panic in his paws.
            ‘Run, Deacon.  Run!’
            The second shot grazed her shoulder and she stumbled a little, but she darted behind the garden wall and didn’t stop, crouching as she ran as fast as she could to the far end of the garden and then into the ditch.
            ‘Back to the woods, boy.  Back to the woods.’  Deacon needed no encouragement, but he stuck close beside her.
            She glanced back.  A man with a powerful flashlight was moving quickly towards the ditch.
            Who were these people chasing her?
Age range: 12+ and adult

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